I have been told by my 9 year old that we have no Christmas Spirit this year. It has come up on us so quickly we haven't had time for any decorating, didn't make it to any Carols and are just keeping our heads above water trying to get away in a few days time for our family gathering interstate.. our tree is not coming out this year…… bah humbug – I am the Grinch this year!

But with MissM only two days away from home after a full year on the other side of the world this Christmas with family will be special anyway… Its not the decorations, its not the presents, its not even the food… its being together and enjoying what we are so lucky to have….

Others obviously do have spirit and below I share with you the

Bendigo Chorales version of my Nice People Nice  Things quilt which after asking permission over a year ago they have just raffled it raising funds for their choir.. Doesn't it look lovely?

 Photo: Our next appearance is at the St Paul's Proms on Sunday 4th August. In the meantime, here are some pictures of our raffle quilts!


okay, back to finishing my list or I will not make that plane Saturday… happy preparations girls and spare a little spirit for me