Yes, home again after a wonderful three weeks in the USA with Jo.

Many of you may have followed our travels and misadventures on Facebook, but for the rest of you here’s a few pics to try and show you just how big & exciting Quilt market is.

This is how our booth looked when we first rolled out suitcases in..not much to work with

2014-05-14 15.14.21after two days of building, sticking, pinning, tweaking and finalising we managed to get it to look like this…2014-05-15 21.28.31My aim was to show off my two new fabric range patterns at this end2014-05-15 21.28.15Block of the months and other favourites hung here on my special multiple quilt rack display (which I think I need to have patented – half of the traffic to my booth was stores and other vendors photographing the hanging idea) Emma and Paul?2014-05-15 21.28.45This was my redwork display – and a little display from One Day in May – which was well received

2014-05-15 21.28.03 HDRand on my outer wall were all of the projects from the new book Simply Applique2014-05-16 18.17.58 HDRI also had to make quilts and displays for my two fabric ranges in the Red Rooster booth. Thanks to my lovely friend Twyla for making the Sunshine & Daisies quilt – this is my free pattern for the Primrose Sands fabric line and is available to you all here.

And to Emma for making gorgeous clothes – this little dress pictured along with a skirt and top I’ll show you later.. You should visit her FB page – she does beautiful work.

I was launching this bundle of gorgeousness!  and I am so excited to say that EVERYBODY else also loved it! I am so lucky to have been allowed a basics range that will be so useable and it looked just soooo pretty…2014-05-15 21.29.20To give you an idea this pic below shows about one eighth of the show floor. Yes 26 rows of overwhelming inspiration and stitchy goodness….2014-05-16 07.49.20 HDR

I've got sooo much more to show and tell you along with all the new patterns I managed to get done before I left…

but for now, just letting you know… these greeted me as I arrived home… yes the books are here!

2014-05-27 15.00.36

so to keep the jetlag at bay I spent last night signing all of the preorders… not too late for a signed copy. Just order and leave a comment asking for it to be personally signed for you.

SA full cover2014-05-28 19.05.25

hugs for today…