My guest blogger this month is the lovely Bev McCullough who blogs over at Flamingo Toes.

She offered to write a post on what quilting and crafting means to her and how much of a profound change in her life it made after some struggles.  

Hi Everyone! My name is Beverly McCullough 

BevI have been sharing projects there for about 9 years! When I say that - I can’t believe how time has flown.

I have always loved sewing and embroidery. I remember making sweet little cross stitch projects and even my own outfits in junior high. I continued that love for sewing and creating all through my early married years and having kids.

Bev vaseSomewhere along the way though I lost my heart for creating. We went through some really rough things as a family and I was really just focusing on getting through all of it. There wasn’t any room left for being creative.

We ended up moving to another state and once we’d settled in, I started to feel like making things again. I started with a few small things and it was amazing how much it helped! It sounds silly but with each thing I made for the house, I got back a piece of myself!

Bev flamingoI decided to create a website, just to share the projects I’d been making with friends and family. I had no thought that it would turn into a business that I love! I just shared photos and projects - and eventually tutorials.

When I started the blog I really was just making projects I liked or simple things that I’d seen in shops. Over time though, I developed more of my own voice. I feel like creating and making on a regular basis helped me to find who I was.

Bev sewing machineI really feel like blogging, creating, sewing and stitching gave me my life back. And what started as a way to share projects with friends has turned into a business! As I mentioned, I’ve had the blog for 9 years. But I’m also an author, pattern designer, and a fabric designer with Riley Blake Designs. All of it a dream come true that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t stepped out and stretched that creative muscle that I had let go of.

Bev chairI’m far from an expert, but I really encourage you to take time for yourself and be creative. It was a form of therapy for me - and it still is! I love sitting down to sew or embroider new projects - and sharing those projects with people!

Bev quilt

I’d love for you to come visit me at Flamingo Toes! I share new projects all the time - plus I have fun new quilt and embroidery patterns coming out this summer, along with my newest fabric collection, Rose Lane that will be out in September. Come on over and say hi!

Yes again it is so inspiring to hear how stitching has made a difference.... and you just never know, when you are a kind, sharing caring person where it will lead you. Thankyou so much Bev for sharing...

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