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Kona Solids

We are happy to say we are one of only a few stores in Australia to stock the complete range of Kona Solids for your convenience. There are currently 365 colours plus a colour of the year. We will endeavor to keep them all in stock as best we can for you!

Ordering is in increments of 25cm or 10".  E.g. Put '1' in the order box then you are ordering 10"/25cm.  If you want 1m then you need to order '4'.

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  1. Kona Club
  2. Kona Cotton Fabric - Horizon (2021 Kona Cotton Colour of the Year)
  3. World of Wonder fabric kit
  4. Kona Cotton Fabric - Crush (Color of the Year 2023)
  5. Kona Cotton PFD Bleach White
    Out of Stock
  6.  Aloha
  7. Balsam
  8. Banana Pepper
  9. Botanical
  10. Chalkboard
  11. Chili
  12. Clementine
  13. Dill
  14. Dragon Fruit
  15. Ferndale
  16. Gecko
  17. Grizzly
  18. Harbor
  19. Lemon Ice
  20. Lighthouse
  21. Marmalade
  22. Nacho Cheese
  23. Orchid Ice
  24. Otter