mmm what are these fabrics leftover from……can’t tell you, its a mystery but this is all that is left….so I can soon have the requirements for you all…

enquires, phone calls and bookings are rolling in for the Mystery Marathon quilting day – both here and online so get in quick so as not to miss out on the fun..

look what else arrived from Sarah for MissM’s next quilt….


I want them!…. but I can still fondle them as  we work together on the quilt. thanks so much Sarah.

Also this huuuuuge box of goodies from Fiona at Leutenegger…how generous, Molly is overwhelmed. I shall show you  more from many other suppliers soon as she has it all stored under her bed…. there is so much, people in this industry are soooo generous..


also a peek today of a gorgeous design that Rose has donated towards the Marathon (woops, just teasing, of course I cannot show you! – oh okay, just one little peek)Stitched With Love

yes you will all get it  included as a download with the online mystery and here in Tassie printed on the day.

one last housekeeping thing, remember only 4 more days to register for the Stitcher’s Angel swap. So do it now if you don’t want to miss out – not that I am wanting more of you, I have over 300 of you to work out swap partners for!!!! it is going to be such fun..

hugs for today,