1. the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.

"the lights flickered and changed colour"

hue, shade, tint, tone, tinge, cast, tincture


Anyone who is a quilter or stitcher has an affiliation with colour – and with that comes an appreciation or heightened sense of colour all around them.

Without doubt, the reaction to our Kona Room at the new shopfront has been ‘wow’ – all those colours in one place… its like my coloured pencil collection and our fabric stash – all that colour stimulation right in front of us – oooooh, ahhhh …. ideas flow, the brain goes into overdrive and our artistic brain starts to race…


I can walk into my Kona room everyday and be stimulated and get the creative juices flowing….. and now it seems many of you want the same!!! so by request we have prepared a Kona Club program for you…




Just a selection we will personally pick for you to give you a great range to begin with…. then you can chose to continue until you have them all – but beware – there are 300!konaclose

Then you can make things like this quilt as designed by Kat Jones (pattern and class coming)IMG_4769

or her many other plays on colourIMG_4813


To see all the details and to join up now click here.

hugs and happy colour gazing today




footnote: a bit about Kona Solids from Robert Kaufman fabrics:

The #1 quilting solid with the broadest range of 303 IN-STOCK colors.

Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton sets the standard in the industry for high quality solid quilting fabric. Kona Cotton is made from premium, long staple, cotton, 44" wide. Kona Cotton is 4.3 ounces per square yard.