I had this post ready to go as I drove up the highway (see below) but obviously it did not go!!!  so an update- as I waited at the airport to board I watched the Canberra service on the large screens. We were boarding and I really wanted to wait for the Last Post - I stood to attention in the middle of the crowded airport, had my minutes silence, sang the Anthem and then was last to board - I didnt delay the plane but it was important to me - no-one else even seemed to know what day it was.. I guess flights and people in a hurry to get somewhere cannot stop for a minutes silence in respect for our fallen.... but I was pleased I still managed to..


I post this as I drive up the highway and miss my first Anzac Day parade. I am proud to say my Husband is marching and my three girls are all attending in my place….

This day 23 years ago I stood on a silent eerie beach at dawn and my life changed. I still cannot imagine how they did it, or why, but my respect will remain for our soldiers- both then and now, always.

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We will remember them…

hugs for today