right after market we hit the airport and travelled across the US to Minneapolis. Then it was a three hour drive north to Duluth arriving at about 3am – the joys of being a travelling teacher.

Hosted by the lovely Kelly (who I had met on last year’s cruise to Alaska) we had two lovely days sightseeing and taking in some sunshine at her lake front home..01012f519217b923589a7865660da3d2c02bd5554a

It was truly serene, looking out over this each morning…012a14a01a32a654e82af307ea52dd470d762fb368012dce003d63ea37523015d7be34943dc2f5af0c4d

We visited the sites of Duluth including the very interesting Glensheen house

0124d8d3f5f4b452a7ac30423957e19af2b04fd3a8Which was full of design inspiration!

01c55cea4b1520dfbea8bbe583a7d5e4a5de2e9226A visit to the Karen McTavish studio – I had a quilt published in one of Karens very first books –the Art of McTavishing and had met her several times so it was great to see her latest venture…01b7d4706c9c63a069f492929129c0efbb826be2d8and have a bit of fun…013c24ddd496dc6696c67107a10ae49510f03c1080a few of these were managed also to lighten the day and recover from market..017a25de6b824ac50d25bed4dd90b9ce03e1f3164enext stop was about an hour away to Hayward Wisconsin, where I was to teach two classes and a trunk show for the Hayward quilt guild.

I was obviously so busy teaching I didn’t have time to take photos but here is a pic stolen from Norma Riehm (who I also met on last years cruise) and her almost finished project from day 1 class where the ladies learnt how easy it is to needleturn applique with applique paper.

I did spot Norma’s finished project from the cruise last year – a delightfully embroidered chatelaine set being well used.01df8960d5068fe78ce215ec55246c85f87bcca38bNow Norma was telling me about all of their wild animals so I was on a mission to spot a bear, a moose and a racoon… unfortunately this was the closest I got!01a3f7bba8a79eddeb2ff5cc680c9852d371ce55b2

Thankyou to the wonderful Kelly, Michele and all at the Hayward quilt guild for inviting me and for such a lovely time given to Susan and myself… of course flying out through Minneapolis Kellie also treated us to a day at the Mall of America, just to completely fill our suitcases..

If you have a guild who may be interested in me coming to visit when Im over for Spring or Fall market, pl ease enquire, it may just be possible one day..

hugs for today