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I’ve met the wonderful Pat Sloan many times and love working with her. She is so full of energy and ideas and no-one is too unimportant for her to stop and chat with in the aisles or online.

Her community is massive and she reaches out and brings quilters together across the world so that they may all share her passion.

I have done two radio shows with Pat – albeit quite early in the morning (to get the across the other side of the world timings right) but chatting with her over the airwaves is like sitting with your long lost friend and having a friendly banter.

You can listen to our last chat here:

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 314 Helen Stubbings

Now the reason I mention this is because reading Pat’s latest book is just like chatting with her in person.. genuine, easy to understand, talks the ‘normal’ talk that quilters of all levels, background, culture and style will relate to and understand.

imageThis is a beginner based book – but even I reaffirmed a few things.. She says

‘This is my 33rd book in 16 years, and the 3rd in my ‘Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to’ series. I wrote the book to step a quilter through the basics of quilting their own quilts. It’s for the person who has never machine quilted to someone that does it rarely or only does super simple like quilt in the ditch.

I first show them walking foot techniques, then free motion. It’s filled with photo step outs and tips.’ 

and…there’s even links to videos if you’re a watch and learn person.

01-96 Finals B1395.indd

Now there’s not just step by step instructions

01-96 Finals B1395.indd

and loads of information on threads, needles, battings, techniques and more ……01-96 Finals B1395.indd

there are also projects…

01-96 Finals B1395.indd

pieced and appliqued

01-96 Finals B1395.indd

So as part of her massive book tour – and only one of over 40 designer friends telling it like it is I have to tell you that you can win a copy of this book. These are the details:

Visit Pat's Giveaway Page to enter to win one of the 5 copies of her 'Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine Quilt Book'!  


Physical Copies for US residents, digital copies for all other winners. Be sure to enter by Midnight Dec 1 and then visit the others on her Mega Fun Tour to learn more about Pat's book, some have interviewed Pat, a few might have a giveaway, or have made a project... it's all listed on Pat's page!

The others on this, my day you should visit are

· Cheryl Brickey meadowmistdesigns.blogspot.com/

and the ever present

· Kimberly Jolly of  fatquartershop.blogspot.com/ 

and www.instagram.com/fatquartershop/

and on the ‘enter to win’ page you will see the full list of blog people to visit and see what they thought.

so, if you’re new to quilting, you need to enter this competition, and if you don’t win – then grab yourself a copy wherever you can find it… you owe it to yourself

a final reminder:

enter here

hugs for today