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Dear Pierre step by step tutorial

For those who work better with visual photos this is a step by step tutorial to assist with the making of the Dear Pierre laptop carry bag – the pattern for this can be found here.



The pattern includes lasercut applique paper templates. They may be cut in layers so first separate them all and fuse to chosen fabrics following the photos as a guide.  Continue to prep your applique pieces as per the pattern and our helpful applique how to  videos.


Spray baste and fuse outer bag fabrics – applique background and bag back to foam bag batting.

Lay them horizontally and mark the centre of each piece. Cut and fuse stabiliser to back of both bag handles and both lining pieces. Use a ruler and bluewashout pen to mark 1/2” increments across the width.

Quilt through both layers – for the front I hand quilted using leftover cosmo thread from the previous project – you can use an floss or perle thread. For the back I quilted on my machine using a walking foot and blending cotton thread.

429865214_1073324133726552_259675683226772485_n 431058912_7720441611319482_7832253349998932999_n

Trim all threads.

Fuse stabiliser to wrong side of both bag handles and both lining pieces.

Note: for the handles the stabiliser is 1/2” shorter – leave 1/4” gap at either end.




Using the layout guide and your quilted lines position all applique pieces in order on the bag front panel. Roxanne’s glue baste.  Applique by hand or machine.

Lay all four outer panels and lining panels together and trim so they are all the exact same size (note: this is a step I didnt do as shown in the pics and things wouldve been more accurate if I had!)



Fold a 1/4” hem over each end of the handle to the wrong side – they should fold at the edge of the stabiliser. Press.

Fold the whole strip in half lengthwise wrong sides together, then open and fold both raw edges to the centre fold. Then fold in half again. Edgestitch around all 4 sides. Repeat for both handles.

Position handle on the top of your applique panel evenly – so that they sit between the appliqued flowers. Use the quilting line to keep straight and even. The bottom edge will set about 2” from the top. Pin to hold.

Stitch a cross pattern approximately 3/4” large on the bottom of each handle piece. Match the backing panel positions and repeat for both sides.

431053189_763783645677858_7678409823590191985_n 429773002_940253400537654_3547912075444309607_n
429724013_1240897246868232_7970065906457349470_n 429772658_422133033684587_2949303646633408207_n

Fold down the handles and pin out of the way to insert the zipper next.


Zipper: place the zipper pull onto your zipper.

Make zipper tab:

Press a ¼” seam on both short ends of the zipper tab. Fold in half wrong sides together and stitch a scan ¼” seam on both short edges. Clip the corners, turn through to right side and press well.

Place zipper tab onto your zip. Insert the closed end of the zip into the zipper tab. Stitch across the open end securing all layers.

429793240_856232752940050_385597740650780559_n 429861442_1439438146955112_512705982338560343_n

On the open end of your zip fold back both sides so that the raw edges are at the edge of the zipper tape. Pin and stitch to hold.



Place zipper right side down on top edge of applique panel. The folded end of the zip should be a good ¼” from the left end. Mark 1” from right end and fold & Pin zipper down out of the way at this point. Pin or Klip to hold.

Stitch by machine close to edge to hold along top edge.

429107158_1834299243705900_6014618265570690298_n 429305831_1184504569181202_166682450126576296_n 429904464_1353702138664556_1555681494273531059_n

Place lining panel right side down on top and pin/klip– it may help to open zipper.

Stitch again through all layers using a ¼” seam.



Repeat this process for the bag back panel and lining.


Press the lining and outer panels away from the zip.

Pin the loose end inwards out of the way of the side seams. Open the zipper.


Lay the two lining panels right sides together, and the two outer panels right sides together. Pin match the centre seams at the zip position.


Stitch around entire outer edge leaving a 4” gap in the bottom of the lining panels. Note: you should not be stitching through the zipper at any point. Backtack over the centre seam for extra strength.


Clip all corners and turn through the opening. Push out all seams and corners well. Fold seams to inside through opening neatly. Press and stitch opening closed. Tip: before turning through press open the seam allowances where you left the opening.


Then when you turn through they are already turned in ready for stitching closed.


You can stitch closed by hand, but as its on the inside bottom I just machine stitch across the whole bottom edge.


Push lining neatly to the inside of the bag pushing the lining corners right into the outer bag corners and having the lining flat. Pin the top edge so its flat away from the zipper.

Edgestitch through all layers from the right side. Close your zipper and your laptop bag is complete.

Dear-pierre-side Dear-pierre-zip-open Dear-pierre-flat-w-laptop2
Dear-pierre-flat-w-laptop2 Dear-pierre-standing