Well Happy New year! – hope you all made it through the Christmas festivities and New year celebrations.. I, myself, have slowly been playing, arranging, pinning, crimping, poofing and preparing my new adventure… If you have been following along you know that ‘patience’ has been my word for the second half of 2015!


Well, we are nearly finally there – just phase 1 mind you! the Café, shed and classroom is still to come.

But – next Monday 11th January, Quarter Inch will open its doors. We wont’ have quite everything ready but enough to welcome you inside with a biccy and a smile…

here are a few peeks for you

we have a lovely big counter, made from one of the original doors from the 1905 Cottage which has been acid dipped and was just too nice to discard when we took the wall down…


We have fabric! – mostly my ranges from Red Rooster Fabrics with a few other delicious things thrown in that I love to use and hope you will too!IMG_0011we have looooots of eye candy – all my years of sewing  and quilting and stitching – much of it is now on display so you can all be inspired – and I can move in my house again…IMG_0006we have kits, patterns and other goodies of course – with more arriving all the time…IMG_0008we have all the goodies for all the techniques I love and use and teach…. (classes will come later – a few months down the track – patience remember!!)IMG_0014and my biggest surprise = we have a kona room! – yes the full range of Kona solids (minus the three that didn’t arrive) – colour deliciousness all round… go on -  drool – I have been.. This is the only store stocking the full range in Australia so I hope we can provide a service that has been missing – when you want it – come to us… btw- I haven't yet managed to get the 300 colours onto the website yet, but I'm working on it..IMG_0015

so… if you are in town – or planning to visit, please come and say hi. I won’t be at the shop everyday – but there will be lovely smiling faces to greet you. I’ll be there Monday of course and Im only 5 minutes away so if you’ve made a special trip to Hobart, please let me know and I’ll do my best to make a special trip down to the shop to say hi…

so the details are:

224 Campbell St, North Hobart TAS 7008

ph: 03 62001304

opening hours at this stage (subject to change):

mon-fri- 10am – 4pm

Saturdays 10am – 2pm

Map picture

or google maps link

we are six blocks walk from the city centre and waterfront

one street in off the Brooker highway,

on a bus route and probably a $5 taxi fare from the city at most.

parking: in the little slip road off Burnett st at the back of the store, or across Campbell st along the front of Primary school, or 50m along Campbell st on the shop side.


hope to see you soon!

hugs and remember – patience is a virtue